Arhantha (In English) - part 1

14. srpna 2012 v 16:27 | Anitta
Hi everybody,
this is my first story written in English about plastic woman called Arhantha. You might know this sci-fi story in Czech version, which I wrote when I was 15. For czech version - click :).
Hope you will like it.

It was the year 2860. A great expecting was ruling in the room of Dr Laurence. He was alone there, alone and concentrated, alone with his friend called silence. He was standing over a pale body deeply thinking about all his plans.
'She still isn't finished,' he frowned at the body, which was lying motionlessly on a white coated bed with a lot of stains from some chemical liquid.
He worked hard, using all his abilities. There wasn't any problem with the perfection of her face or an ideal measure of her body. He could see every part of her, all her body, everywhere except inside her soul. He could only hope of a kind person with grateful heart.
Dr Laurence used a great skip of science. His room had a lot of new gadgets as a human heart remote control. Connecting first part of control in the human body with second one which doctors kept in the hospital brought quick and useful help for patients without hundreds of complicated operation. Even though people were far away from the gadget they were allowed by this invention stay alive.
The art of Dr Laurence were closely to finish now. All this work was so much similar to common plastic surgery. However, Dr Laurence didn't remake the body. He made it.
In autumn his wife Laura had died a few years ago by an accident in the car. He stayed alone with his son Jacob. He had got lost in thoughts about a new wife. He had felt that there isn't anybody who would be able to replace her. He sometimes had dreamt about an ideal woman with long blond hair, tall and slim body, clearly blue eyes and with nice soul like her wife had owned. Other women didn't exist for him. He decided to make a surprising close. No prayers, no appeals. He made Laura's copy. He made a motionless woman body and thanks a nowadays technology blown into her life like a God. Her brain was controlled by the artificial intelligence.
The body looked differently tonight. So unbelievably. It was like she would have a real soul inside her body and her plastic heart would start to beat. Slowly and quietly. The doctor put on his glasses to have a look at her gentle face. He touched her blonde hair. She was really similar to Laura. And the eyes...! Her eyes started to open slowly. They were clearly blue, bright like a crystal.
'Laura, my dear Laura," talked to her softly.
She was supernaturally beautiful. There wasn't any difference between her and his wife. And he would have gone on these beautiful thoughts until his amazing Laura had woken up and say with a monotone voice: 'Call me Arhantha.'
It sounded like a robot's voice.
'Laura, you are Laura,' corrected her quickly. Was there something wrong with her artificial intelligence? The doctor shook. He rather stopped to consider this before it gets a chance to penetrate into his mind. It sometimes takes a lot of time until inventions start to work well. He felt much calmer after this persuading.
He tried it again. He took her gently in his hands and carried her to the door. It was a strange feeling. It's hard to describe to somebody, who has never carried a human body worked on an artificial intelligence.
'Well, my sweetheart, so I'll call you Arhantha,' he whispered. It sounded strange and Dr Laurence had been furious about these sorts of extremely long names. Why some people must own these horrible types of names, if there are a lot of options of short, nice and well pronouncing names like Alice, Tom, Rick or... just Laura.
He let her try to stand on her own. First her knees undermined twice and he had to prop up her frail body, but he stayed still sure about his hard work on a connecting of bones of her both legs. When she tried the fifth attempt, she finally stood upright. She checked out the mysterious room over her body, time to time glancing at the face of her inventor.
'You're beautiful,' whispered again, full of love and exciting. So frail, so vulnerable woman...
She touched the near bed and sighed. Was it the sigh of love or did she feel a pain of some part of her body? Did she have a problem with balance again?
She held the bed spasmodically and suddenly the strange loud cry came out of her mouth. In this tense moment she picked up the bed over her head and threw it straight against the doctor.



1 Ieva Ieva | 14. srpna 2012 v 19:04 | Reagovat

Hey, I admit it is good, and so far interesting. There were a couple of words I needed to look up. Congrats :-)

2 Anitta Anitta | Web | 15. srpna 2012 v 13:12 | Reagovat

[1]: Hi, Ieva! :-)) Thank you very much for the nice comment!

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