Writing, writing, oh, how I miss it!

4. prosince 2011 v 11:21 | An!tta
One of the most popular and the most used language in the world.
The most amazing places on the Earth including breathtaking nature in Australia.
Famous New York or California in the States. Fantastic London or a lot of magnificent seaside in the United Kingdom. These places I always think of when someone says "English". What a damn pity I've never been there.
And of course...! First before I start I have to say big sorry for my mistakes. I know... it must be so exhausting and especially annoying to read this for English experts (and maybe not only them....?). I don't want you mean something bad about me. That's not about a "low believing in myself" or something similar. The main reason is probably very easy English at primary and secondary school what they learnt us...

Are you laughing about my simple English experimental writing now? Ok, I used to have same feeling when I attend a secondary school. No doubt I was the best student in English in my class. I used to be bored every lesson, I used to yawn during every English test. I felt so good. Believe me. But when I came to a grammar school I was really unpleasantly surprised. My results in the first English test were totally miserable and I finally found out how bad at English I am. Nine years at primary and secondary school give me no knowledge. Really. I would call it "wasting time".
Now after long studying by myself and after two months of attending an expensive course of English I feel better. Before that, I wouldn't start write anymore. And at the end it's a great chance how to be better. I remember that I used to be the best in Czech at the primary school because of I WROTE stories. So why don't try to write in other language? Well, I should stop drivel about nonsense and really start. Are you ready? So go on, amigos...
After two hours...
Oh damn! If I knew what I can write about, I would write a long story for example. I bet you would like it, because I recognized people loves English stories nowadays. There is something popular about it and last time I see people with English books in the underground every day. Trying to know English very well? A hobby? I think I feel both. I bought a bilingual book called The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louise Stevenson recently. I hope I will start read it during Christmas holidays. Last time I have little time for reading. I try to read in the bus. I sometimes read during boring lessons at school. (But it brings only troubles as I know... so rather don't try it.) I read before I go to sleep. It helps me to relax after long and exhausting day. I love it. But... there's next (and stronger) thing for me that I love. I'm sure you know it. If you know me well you must know it!

Writing. Writing, oh how I miss it!

I had an idea yesterday. I had to learn English but I can't wait for free time when I can write. But honestly I had no time again after studying. I had to go to bed. It was half pas eleven and my sister called for pity (imagine an annoying squeaky voice) - "Turn off the light and go to sleep, please! I'm so tired! Hurry up!" So that's the reason I got this idea. Write and learn English together. It's a good way how make studying more pleasant, isn't it?
I should say last thing eventually. Don't take my article seriously, please. You should know I didn't mean to write any excellent essay or something like that... This is only kidding, kidding and kidding about a plenty of nonsense... Or maybe I can call this just a "start". I want to start to something new. A small training. Hope I'll be better soon. I'll do my best!


1 nik-donic nik-donic | 4. prosince 2011 v 11:44 | Reagovat

Nice one. I am so proud of me, that I understand everything ^^. And of course - Good Luck to your writing... Personally, I think it's a great idea.

2 Le fille Ash Le fille Ash | E-mail | Web | 4. prosince 2011 v 12:44 | Reagovat

Oh, yes! Your English, I think, it's good, at least better than my... And, I must say, it's very good idea to write on blog english articles... it's good way to practise the language, isn't it? You show me this way and I just say now: Thank you! I think, I'll try it too...
I wish you nice day and more english ideas and articles and (maybe?) stories! Hope you'll do it!

3 Ruby Ruby | E-mail | Web | 4. prosince 2011 v 12:50 | Reagovat

Cool! Good luck!

4 Evelyn Evelyn | Web | 6. prosince 2011 v 21:17 | Reagovat

Nice article! I like it!:-) You're English is great (at least better than mine :D ) Don't worry if there are any mistakes... we are just people.;-) My dad have always said that English is the most important subject at school. Well, he was right. I'm so happy that I can study at internatinal school, because it gives me so many opportunities. And I think that my English was improved mostly this year, because I started to write English articles to school magazine. Writing essays and other projects is also good way to improve that language....
Ok, myslím, že radši přejdu k češtině. To bude jistější a rychlejší.:-D

Ani nevíš, jak jsem si oddechla, že můj tanečník nebyl jediný, který nemluvil!:-D On byl fakt děsný extrém. Většinou to bylo tak, že já jsem pokládala otázky, a on jednoslovně odpovídal. Anebo nejhůř - vypadalo to, že vedu monology.:-D
Tanečník byl sice pěkný, a hodný... ale jenom za účelem reprezentace při koloně, protože jinak mi přijde ještě jako dítě (ale to asi všichni kluci v jeho věku :D ). Na šlusce mi dal jako dárek stolní hru Hadi a žebříky. OMG!:D

Ale tak hlavně, že jsi vždycky měla s kým tančit, i když ne pořád s tím samým.:-)
Njn, dokonalý kluk prostě není. A jestli jo, tak musí být z jiné planety.:-D

5 Evelyn Evelyn | Web | 8. prosince 2011 v 21:48 | Reagovat

No prosím, když si to teď po sobě čtu, tak už tam vidím plno chyb.:D
,,My dad HAS always said..."
,,...because I started to write English articles to A school magazine."
,,Writing essays and other project ARE also good way..."

no, vidím, že mě ještě čeká hodně práce.:-D

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